It’s simple really, in 2018 I was taking a diversity leadership course as part of my MBA program at Penn State University. I then became aware of these astonishing statistics.

  • Only 5% of fortune 500 companies have female CEOs and this number went down from 2017 to 2018.
  • Even though for the last 20 years accounting has had a 50/50 split with women and men entering the profession, there are only 12% CFOs in fortune 500
  • At the 1st level manager position, females have an 18% less chance of being chosen just because of their gender and bias against it.

These are just a few of the statistics that infuriated me. I knew I wanted to help women get out of the corporate world and start businesses that would give them the freedom and leadership I know they are capable of.  Let’s start changing the future by creating women-led businesses!

It is my mission to move this needle and change the world for our future generations.  Let’s to create more female owned businesses and stronger female leaders in this country. Contact me to find out more.
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I kept getting clues. A few months later, a male friend of mine told me a story of how his son in 5th grade was working on a project and teamed up with a fellow male student. This male student failed to do his part of the project. My male friend’s advice to his son was “team up with a girl next time”.

This got me thinking. Why is it that girls in grade school, high school and even college are considered the better students, leaders, overachievers frankly the ones’ who excel in school? Right!? Then what happens when they get into the workforce? Is there now some magical switch that flips that makes them the “inferior” gender. Really!? I was even more intrigued.

This led me to more research and found this statistic: 70% of valedictorians are female in both high school and college I needed to find out why.Shouldn’t that statistic equate to 70% CEOs in fortune 500 companies? You would think, but it doesn’t.

My solution – let’s start our own companies where we support, mentor and promote female leaders.  We CAN do it!

I kept digging and needed to find out why and most importantly, how I can help change this. It turns out that it relates to clarity on what they want, the confidence they can achieve it, and the courage to make it happen. A large part is the lack of seeing women role models in leadership positions already who they can look up to. This is a huge deterrent. If we don’t see other women in leadership positions, our subconscious perceives it as “not possible” for us. This creates a huge mindset stumbling block for us. If we don’t see it, how can we achieve it?  See more women owned companies will help our younger female generations see more possibilites for their future!

There are many other things that women were taught at an early age, especially in past generations. We were taught not to “out do” the men as it would hurt their ego. A side story, my 1st date with my husband he took me to the local fair. I wasn’t good at games, yet somehow, I got lucky. I won at the ring toss game (and he didn’t). My immediate thought was “uh oh, he probably won’t call me again”. To my surprise he did (obviously). He wasn’t threatened by my success and still isn’t today.

We need to make it a better place for our daughters and their daughters and so many furture female generations to come. So I have specially designed workshops and coaching programs for women to get you wherever you want to go, the sky’s the limit!  You just need to believe you can do it!  And I know you can.