The name Bree is an Irish name that means “power, strength, vigor and virtue”

Who is Bree?

  • She is the superpower that lives inside of you, your inner power.
  • She is the voice in your head that deep down knows you can do it.
  • She believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself
  • She is the angel standing on your shoulder
  • She is the one pushing you to make that big leap and holding your hand while you do it
  • She can help you conquer all your fears and uncertainty
  • She is the one that believes you can do anything
  • All you need to do is let her out to fly!
  • Ask yourself, “What would Bree say?” or “What would Bree do?”
  • Let me help you find your inner Bree if she had gone missing.

Let me help you connect with your inner Bree!

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