Did you know women make amazing leaders and your company might be missing out?

Imagine if your business had 50% women leaders.  Where would it be and why is that important?

First, many studies say your company would be more profitable!  One was done in 2016 by The Peterson Group surveyed almost 21,980 firms and the ones with a high level of women in leadership positions were more profitable.

Yet the number of women leaders in most organizations is still at a minority.  Wouldn’t you want your company to be more profitable?

Why do women make great leaders? The reasons are endless. You can find multiple studies that all say women make wonderful leaders.

Statistics show the higher up the ladder the position lower the numbers get for females. Where does your company fall with its women leaders? Do you need to increase the amount of women leaders in your company?

It is so important for companies to have leadership training designed specifically for women. For more information on our works shops click here

One very important fact is that women, by nature, are extremely loyal. Loyalty is very essential when it comes to high level management and executive leadership positions.

Studies show it can cost a company up to two times the person’s salary to replace them. Employee turnover is a huge cost for most companies. This alone is a great reason to focus on developing employees, especially their women.

In a Harvard Business Review article titled “Are Women Better Leaders Than Men?” They measured 16 top competencies of leaders; women scored higher in 15 of the 16 traits.

In fact two traits that women’s significantly scored higher in are often claimed to be traits in men are taking initiative and being results driven. These two initiatives are key to being a great leader to any company. You need a leader that can score high in these areas.

Therefore, companies benefit from having specific programs for their women to develop into influential leaders.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus says the great Dr. John Gray. Women need training and development specifically designed for who they are.

To find out more how you can bring these workshops to your company

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We incorporate some of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and align them with what women need to be successful in the workforce and as leaders. Here is what we offer for women aspiring to leaders:

  • What is takes to become an amazing leader
  • Leadership is not just in your title it is for everyone
  • How to be taken seriously and be a company contributor
  • W.O.M.E.N

Worth - knowing your worth and how to be a valued team member
Outspoken - Learning how to speak up in meetings to be a contributor
Mentoring - Finding a mentor and being a mentor
Empowering - tools for your empowerment
Networking - networking with men and women

Next Level Leadership: (For 1st level female supervisors or managers)

  • What got you here won’t get you further -- transforming your mindset from a high achieving employee to an outstanding leader and manager
  • Work/Life Balance -- It’s not as hard as you think
  • It’s all about relationships -- How to manage down and manage up
  • Being a great leader is not about your work, it’s about your ability to lead

Still not convinced it’s essential to develop your female employees into amazing leaders. Here are several more articles explaining why women make phenomenal leaders.